About Btrkids

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They say that a change is as good as a rest and in our case, even an enforced change, was enough to change our lives. From the stale and repetitive life of office workers, to a business that supports our family (and keeps us together), we think that change is good and we wouldn’t ever go back now.

We are Bryn and Jo (and don’t forget James - our littlest team member!) and we founded BTR back in 2006 (although the name wasn’t quite there yet). Bryn had found himself off work for a prolonged period and boredom doesn’t work well for him. So, he started a little Ebay business selling DVDs. Before he knew it, this “time filler” became a full time job and it was a far cry from his banking office job, which he decided not to return to.

As you can imagine, the advent of streaming services put the DVD business out of business! Bryn needed to diversify and his newly acquired cycling habit was the catalyst for BTR - a bike bag company.

Meanwhile, Bryn’s woman in charge Jo, was forging a career in recruitment, when in 2014, little James came along. Looking for a way to enjoy a career and be a Mum, she joined Bryn and started her own part of the business selling buggy organisers. The thought of returning to a full time (plus commute) job just wasn’t an option.

And finally what about our youngest (and coolest) team member, James? He might be still in single digits age-wise, but he is the face of our children’s safety range and he does a wonderful job. Always happy to do a pose for our Facebook page and more than willing to give us brutally honest feedback. He’s our little star.