About Craft56

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The idea for Craft56° was born on a visit to a bar & bottle shop in New York City in September 2016. While enjoying some of the local craft beers, I got talking to the owner of the bar about the 700 beers that he imports from around the world. His favourite out of all of these was from Harviestoun Brewery in Clackmannanshire.

It was during this conversation that I realised how passionate I am about Scotland and the amazing products that are produced here and that these are not celebrated enough.

Therefore, I decided to combine my passion for Scottish products with my digital experience to create a platform to help small Scottish craft drinks producers reach new customers in a one-stop shop.

Our site launched in October 2017 we are proud of the selection of Scottish drinks that we offer and the producers we work with. You can guarantee that with every purchase you make from us, not only will you be receiving a quality product, but that you are supporting at least two small Scottish businesses in the process.

With a focus on craft spirits, our range includes over 100 Scottish gins as well as whiskies, rums, vodkas, botanical spirits and liqueurs. We also offer complementary products such as mixers, gift sets and garnishes too.

Our Scottish Gin Club is a great way for you to discover new gins from the most exciting Scottish producers that you may not have the chance to experience before. Naturally, we always pair the gin with Scottish mixers too!