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Two brothers started the company 1957, travelling round the world discovering great products for improving the home, and importing them into the UK. They had a one room office, a high desk, a typewriter and a couple of dogs. Their wives did most of the packing, and their children came in to help - or hinder - at weekends. Their first delivery went to a shop in Ilkley, Yorkshire, which is still a customer to this day. And one of the children helping out is still here today, running the business.

Throughout the years, our principles have remained the same: innovation, reliability, friendliness and, above all, customer service. Technology has changed both the kinds of product that we sell, and the way we sell them. But technology doesn’t change everything: our staff, most of whom weren’t even born when Dexam started, are right at the heart of our company.

Nowadays, Dexam brings great products back from over 25 different countries, and sells them out all over the world. You’ll find our buyers working with designers and inventors; you’ll see them in woodware workshops in Slovenia, small factories in Taiwan, cast iron foundries in France, trade shows in Chicago, and a hundred other places besides. All the time they will be looking for great value products that make cooking better, easier or more fun.

We’re based in Midhurst, in the heart of the South Downs National Park, and many of our team of 42 staff have been with us for more than 20 years - two have done 41! We engage actively with our local community, supporting young people in a wide variety of ways.

This website brings you the best of what we do, and we hope that it encourages you to share in our world: the world of recipes, of local food heroes, of our staff and the products that we offer.

Welcome to the world of Dexam.