About Hempamed

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Hello, I am Lars Müller, Managing Director of Solidmind Group GmbH and responsible for Hempamed. Cannabis & CBD has interested me for years, and since 2017 I count myself amongst the many legal cannabis patients in Germany, and found that by using the products my mental health improved tremendously.

It was through researching hemp that I was able to gain experience with CBD oils for the first time. At first, I found it difficult to find a suitable product, which confused me as I was already familiar with hemp, and thought I knew what I needed for my own journey. The providers at that time did not seem trustworthy to me, the products had no certificates of analysis, were very expensive and there was no advice. I had bought several products and relied on experience (which consisted of at least one or two failures). Back then, 100% of the risk lay with the customers, not with the suppliers of the products.

For me it was clear: there should a better way of navigating CBD consumerism. This is exactly what myself and my team with Hempamed believe in, and actively encourage.