About Les Belles Co

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Bonjour, Belle. I’m Cecile. I like my coffee black, my tights seamless and my spirit unstifled. I’m a mother, fashion lover, former lawyer and proud founder & CEO of Les Belles.

Back in my lawyer days, I wasn’t my whole self, hiding certain quirks to better fit in. I craved more space to be me—my strong, curious, creative self—so I launched a norm-breaking brand that stands for self-love, self-expression and the freedom to just be.

Born and raised in France, I’ve been wearing collants (that’s French for tights) for as long as I can remember. They’re a French woman’s wardrobe staple and central to my own fashion story. I wear them for me, for my own pleasure, to add power to a suit or sensuality to my sneakers. And I want every body to experience the same freedom. At an affordable price.