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About Madewithloveandsparkle screenshot

Made With Love And Sparkle began with a simple hobby, making personalised plaques and customised door signs, for friends and family. Slowly over time, Tanya saw her business move to Facebook where she continued to grow it as she spent time at home with her middle child, Cian, as he went through a difficult time as a toddler.

Gradually, her skills improved day by day, learning how to cut wooden letters and shapes by hand with a Jigsaw through Youtube tutorials. She spent long days out in the garden cutting, painting and making beautiful pieces for her growing customer base until her baby bump had grown so big that she was unable to even reach the workbench.

As a kind gesture, Tanya's father in law bought her first cutting machine to help her take her business to the next level, which of course, reduced her to tears. Once her third child, Aaria, was born, the business ramped up once more. To help with the huge influx of orders, husband John stepped up to the plate, gave up his life's work and threw himself into helping help build the business alongside Tanya, taking it from success to success.

Today, Made With Love And Sparkle comprises a small close-knit team of designers, customer service personal and warehouse operatives, but Tanya's dream of bringing beautiful products to customers across the country still sits at the heart of the company. Although they've moved from the garden outback of the house to a large warehouse and from the hand-cutting techniques with a Jigsaw to several high tech machines, the aim of crafting sentimental products has remained.

Tanya & John, their children Alfie, Cian and Aaria, and the team at Made With Love And Sparkle wish to thank the thousands of happy customers for their patronage, and look forwards to an even brighter future bringing brilliant personalised gifts to you!