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Mead Johnson & Company was founded in 1905 in Jersey City, New Jersey, by Edward Mead Johnson, Sr. E. Mead launched his business after leaving Johnson & Johnson, which he had co-founded with his brothers.

Mead Johnson & Company introduced its first major pediatric nutritional product in 1910 and followed it the next year with the product that would set the company on its path to leadership in pediatric nutrition. A carbohydrate milk-modifier, Dextri-Maltose® became the first clinically supported, physician recommended pediatric nutritional product in the United States.

In 1915, the company relocated to Evansville, Indiana to have better access to the raw materials needed to manufacture Dextri-Maltose.

Over the next several decades, Mead Johnson built upon its leadership in science-based nutrition, introducing many innovative pediatric nutritional products while expanding into vitamins, pharmaceutical products, and enteral and parenteral nutrition.

Historic firsts in the U.S., some of the company's products brought such significant improvements in quality of life that they became cultural icons of their times. Others, developed in cooperation with clinicians and leading nutrition researchers, established a partnership between Mead Johnson and the scientific community that continues to this day.