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A few years ago a friend asked me “can you teach me how to use my camera?” As a photographer this is a pretty common question, but I always wondered why so many people needed help. Wasn’t there some easy way to learn? Then I remembered back to when I was first learning photography. There wasn’t much to learn from other than random web tutorials or big technical books with a bunch of jargon. That’s when I realized what I needed to do.

I set out to make a complete photography guide that was accessible to everyone. There had to be a better way to learn. A way that was faster, easier, and more fun. It turned out to be a pretty big challenge, but after 2 years and thousands of hours The Photography Guide is finally complete. All of the technical know-how and photo jargon has been simplified into quick learning videos built around a new process we’re calling STORYlearning ™. It’s a combination of Aristotle’s storytelling principles and modern learning theory. The result is a new way to learn photography that can teach anyone how to take great pictures in just one day.