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The foundations of the Roman brand were laid by Turgut Toplusoy in 1980. Toplusoy, operating in the construction sector, entered the textile sector with the encouragement of her friend and opened her first store under the name "Roman" in Nişantaşı Rumeli Caddesi. In a short period of time, Toplusoy recognized the dynamics of the industry and presented the products of many different brands to its customers in the shop. Toplusoy, who sees the future potential as being in the textile sector, has rented a workshop in Şişli Osmanbey, the textile center of the period, where he can make his own production. In this period, brand collections were created by selecting products from fashion magazines and removing the molds.
Determining what the customer wants well, Toplusoy quickly achieved success with his own outfits. In particular, the Roman-style mantles and coats attracted the great interest of Istanbul residents. The second store of the novel was opened in Suadiye in 1984, with sales increasing day by day.
The promotions made in fashion, still and women's magazines increased the brand's awareness day by day. Along with the rapid rise of the Roman brand, requests from wholesalers in Anatolia began to come. The Roman brand, which strengthened its production system to meet this demand, became a national brand that, in the 1990s, has now exported products to many wholesalers in Anatolia.
After the 1990s, the store-building process gained momentum. With the transition to free economy, multinational brands entering the Turkish market increased competition in the sector. In order to keep up with this competitive environment, Roman created the 'Gipsy' brand in 1990, which produced more youth oriented products and again at a more affordable price, meeting consumers at Roman stores.
It was important to develop in store after 1990. In the important Shopping Centers in Turkey, concept stores Roma stores opened for customers to make comfortable and comfortable shopping.
In 2003, Suzan Toplusoy became the Novel Design Coordinator. The vision of being an international brand influencing the world fashion has strengthened the design staff.
In order to respond to increasing customer demands in 2005, the Roman brand strengthened its teams and moved to the Roma Central Office in Çekmeköy, 4000m2.
After 2006, the transition from retail to retail management.
In 2010, Roman prepared the Organic by Roman collection, which was produced entirely from organic fabrics, while staying true to the conditions of organic production within the scope of social responsibility.