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Since launching in 2012, we have searched far and wide to find the finest alcohol available with fewer calories to bring to the UK market. Perfecting this range gradually over time, SkinnyBooze now offers the UK’s most exciting collection of lower calorie wine, beer, champagne, gin and premixed cocktails. Ensuring that the only compromise is the number of calories contained, we make sure that the drinks we sell are of the highest quality, truly innovative, and something you would be delighted to share with your friends and family.

Believing that things could be improved further still, the Founder and Managing Director of SkinnyBooze, Tom Bell, launched in 2015, SkinnyBrands, with the intention of perfecting a range of Skinny alcohol alternatives for the UK market. Starting off with Skinny Lager, there are now a number of specialist alcoholic drinks with less calories available under this brand — all of which can be be found right here, meaning that if you’re concerned about the number of calories in your alcohol then this is definitely the place to be.

Whether you are trimming down or counting calories, looking for low sulphur wine, gluten-free lager, or vegan-friendly alcohol, or simply wanting to buy alcohol online at a great price, then we have the perfect alcoholic beverages just for you. With up to 30% off and free delivery available, shopping for alcohol with fewer calories has never been more straightforward, affordable and fun.