About Specscart

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Specscart is one of the fastest-growing eyewear startups in the UK. Specscart is revolutionising the eyewear industry by changing the way people perceive glasses. Our mission is to transform eyeglasses from being just an instrument for sight correction, into a fast moving fashion accessory and a mode of digital protection.

Specscart is a Britain born startup which is born to bring justice to the eyewear market by making eyewear a Fast-moving fashion accessory. A startup which is born to change glasses from being just an instrument for corrective sight into a fashionable accessory for daily wear. A fashion accessory that should be changed with the attire/occasion. Fashionable eyewear that has a place in your wardrobe. A fashion accessory that is intended to be your most intimate wearing. Unfortunately, it is limited to just 1(one) or maximum 2(two).