About EPackage Supply

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We founded Supply with an adventurous spirit and unconventional ideal: to offer impeccably designed everyday essentials that consistently work harder and last longer than anyone asks them to.

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: none of the objects that we depended on for our everyday lives actually lived up to the promises made about them. Instead, they continually frustrated and disappointed, leaving us to wonder where the better options were.
It turns out there is a simple explanation. Corporations today intentionally create products to under perform, using design concepts like planned obsolescence. This approach is intended to take money from your pockets and line theirs – all while delivering a mediocre customer experience, at best.
We started Supply to create an alternative.

By operating lean, designing in-house, and crafting objects using the world’s finest materials, we’re able to deliver world class products that stand up to scrutiny - and pass the test of time.

We believe that the objects in our lives are either tools to get us where we want to be - or obstacles that stand in the way. That’s why our iconic everyday essentials perform flawlessly when you expect them to and look great when you don’t need them to. There’s a big world out there to explore – and we don’t have any time to waste getting there.